Thursday, January 26, 2012

Organizing Frenzy

Somewhat inadvertently I spent the last few hours organizing myself.  I have been reading the various news articles on internet privacy issues - mostly related to Google and Facebook - and I decided to take action.  I really like the integration features of Google as they relate to my writing/social networking agendas, but there are those random times when I want to do things that don't relate and I would rather not have to worry about where that info is going to get lodged.  

Internet privacy is an interesting thing - particularly as it relates to people's perception of privacy.  I have mostly taken the position that once something is posted anywhere it is essentially public - I mean, even if it is shared with only specific people it still exists as an electronic record somewhere.  There's a reason the spy burns the coded letter after reading it - as long as the physical (or virtual) record of the information exists it might be found and read by someone other than for whom it was intended.  That being said, I don't flatter myself that anything I say or do online is of enough interest for someone nefarious to bother with it.  My vices are very bland when you get right down to it.  However, I understand that there are a lot of people who are (or have been) much more comfortable opening up to an online community with things that could hurt them if they got out.  Just because I'm not worried personally, doesn't mean I don't understand why someone else might be.

Anyhow, in my quest for organization and privacy protection, I have moved all my "logged in" information and activities to Google Chrome and will keep Firefox for my personal activities that I am not interested in having Facebook, etc. track.  In the meantime I have deleted and reorganized bookmarks, iGoogle tabs, and other links.  I also switched to Facebook timeline.  I actually like the layout of it, however I can understand that people who have a lot more information up there might be alarmed/overwhelmed at having to go back through and decide what should be shared with whom.

Having organized my virtual space, it's probably time to go finish putting away the laundry...

Oh, and then to writing which it what this is all supposed to support.

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